We founded SAMACH+SEO in early 2012 because we believe architecture should be practiced differently. We believe that architecture must be global in scope and firmly rooted in the human experience. As architects, we aspire to serve and enrich the lives of the people who live, work, and experience our projects. Ultimately, we believe it is our responsibility to use architecture as a catalyst for environmental, economic, and social progress.

Together, we offer a combined 55 years of architectural and planning experience in over twenty countries and across all seven continents. Our projects have ranged from pioneering mixed-use commercial developments in China to large residential communities in the UAE, from a landmark transportation hub in New York City to an unprecedented town-building project in the West Bank of Palestine. As a result, we intimately understand the unique cultural, contextual, and economic conditions that are imbedded in every project. We practice architecture that is born out of human needs and deeply rooted in the cultures of the communities we serve.

While the scope of our vision remains as far-reaching as ever, the transformation into SAMACH+SEO has allowed us to practice architecture with the efficiency, dexterity, and passion that only a small practice can offer. Having worked as colleagues for over a decade, we see SAMACH+SEO as the perfect synthesis of our two uniquely tailored skill sets. Our design process is based upon communication and collaboration, both between ourselves and with our client and colleagues, and this constant interchange of ideas is what keeps our designs innovative, economical, and practical.

At SAMACH+SEO, we see the design process as a journey. In partnership and engagement with our client, we are committed to maximizing the opportunities imbedded in each individual project and producing sustainable buildings and communities. Together, we hope to help redefine the notion of what architecture can and should be in today’s world.