West Bank, Palestine

In 2007, Raffie and DB began working on the master plan and architectural design of Rawabi, the first planned community in the West Bank of Palestine. Inspired by the pressing need for affordable, sustainable housing in the West Bank, Rawabi will ultimately house over ten thousand middle-class Palestinian home owners. In addition to over 3000 residential units, the master plan includes a large town center consisting of office buildings, high-rise residential space, a business hotel, and retail and cultural centers. Since 2007, Rawabi has received extensive media coverage in publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times and The Guardian. The project is currently well under construction, and SAMACH+SEO is continuing to assist the client and local design team.

The move-in date for the first 600 families whose units have been completed has been postponed as a result of the inability to connect the city of Rawabi's water system to the water supply located in Area 'C'.